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Shipping and Handling

We ship from Devon, UK, and use Interlink for all orders unless otherwise specified. Orders received prior to 11:00am GMT will ship same day where possible.

To track your order please go to and enter your tracking number - this can be found on the email that is sent to you with your final invoice.

Shipping Origin :  Devon, UK
Primary Carrier:  Interlink Express

Same Day Shipping:  Cutoff time is 11:00am GMT

  • Regular (1-2 Days):  Ground Shipment.  This is by far the most economical shipping method of choice. This is not a guaranteed next day service
  • Ireland (3 Days):  Ground Shipment, will arrive in 3 business days.  The day your order ships, is not counted as one of the days.  Therefore, if you order on Monday prior to 11:00am GMT, this order would arrive on Thursday. The cost of this is approx (Northern Ireland £16.00 + VAT) & (£21.25 Southern Ireland + VAT if applicable) a box / package.
  • International (4days+): Once your order is picked the courier is contacted to get a price for the shipping as this differs with each order depending on the volumetric weight of the box/ boxes.
  • Hold for Pickup:  You can pick up your order at our warehouse, or arrange for a freight forwarder.
Shipping Cost Estimate:  Customers demand same day shipping and fast turn around for processing orders.  Therefore, all orders received prior to 11:00am GMT, ship same day.  As we are uncertain of the number of boxes, box size, or weight, at time of order, we do a "Pre Authorization" of funds (this is simply a credit card 'hold' of funds) and once the real freight amounts come in (usually within 24 hours), we "Complete" the transaction with the actual costs.  Typically, ground shipments (UK Mainland) are £10 + VAT   for one box / package. Orders for more than one box / package will be charged at £7.25 + VAT each. Northern Ireland is £16.00 + VAT up to 10kg, Southern Ireland is £21.25 + VAT (if applicable) a box / package. International - please see above.
All of the above shipping prices & delivery times are excluding display stands, display fixtures and machines etc - please enquire for this shipping cost.
Typically we can get 56 x 16" skins in a box or about 90 x 16" outfits.
We are able to offer the most competitive shipping cost, as our warehouse does an incredible volume with Interlink .  These Distribution Cost savings are passed on to you, our valued customers, regardless of your  location!

Why spend money on shipping . . . when you can get more for your money at Teddy Mountain Direct™! We care about our customers needs and you can expect more from your wholesaler at Teddy Mountain Direct™!
If you are looking for more information on shipping charges and how we process, please also visit our FAQ.

Important Note: Always keep extra fibrefill on hand, hidden, as an emergency supply. Sending Fibre Express or Overnight is very, very costly. If you run out, your business will be non functional, so always keep a box hidden away for a rainy day!)




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